Knowledge Age – When & Why?

Knowledge Age - When and Why

Humanity has traveled through the time since some pre-historic moment to present day. Many Empires arose and fall but it’s the human race that survived through all this. Like a single human being who comes into this world as an infant and at some certain age leaves the world to somewhere else. The time he spends in this world is termed as Age. An Age is something evolved through the time within its parameters. Same thing applies on humanity or human race as a whole.

Homo-Sapiens survived the last Ice Age and simultaneously also paved their way from Stone Age to Bronze Age to Iron Age, if we talk systematically. Then we have Middle Age when Muslims opened new avenues in science and technology. Crusades opened gates of knowledge to Europe and in 14th Century AD Renaissance Period started in Europe whereas Fall of Spain also accelerated this movement in West. In 19th Century Humanity entered into Machine Age with perks of oil, mass production, invention of new communication mediums and sophisticated weapons along with two World Wars. After World War 2 Atomic Age started having Space Age as by-product until we reached in Information Age with the new discoveries in the field of computing, internet and other means of communication until the start of 21st Century when Post-Information Age or Social Age started to develop, groomed and sustained until present day. Now what’s next?

Yes it’s the big question for all of us living at the surface of Planet Earth to think about our future, future of our future generations. As we are moving forward in Post-Information Age we are entering into something other well, a new world. This is not yet started but it’s coming soon. It’s new age, Knowledge Age. I will support my point with three important developments:

Artificial Intelligence: AI is becoming into something incredible leaving most of humanity idle in their traditional professions. Most of today’s world is involved in labour, clerical work or gathering, processing and presenting some information. AI is going to take this burden on their own leaving men to do some other important things. So what would be the requirement of human brains then, answer is knowledge. To take most relevant data of the problem and reach at most relevant and reliable solution and that’s it, and that solution must also be unique in its essence because many machines would also be doing the same stuff as well.

Knowledge Economy: Knowledge Economy is not a new concept rather related to the early times of Information Age but with the advents in technology and science real Knowledge Economies are near to be emerged fully depended upon the candid information and knowledge, of course. In KE the basic input is intellect and reliance is made upon intellectual capital rather the physical one. So we are moving fast in a very much rapid pace toward full fledged KE. Here I would like to mention just one example and it is the concept of blockchain.

Theory of Everything: TOE is something termed as the final theory or ultimate theory giving answers and explanations relevant to the all physical aspects of the universe. TOE has now been specified into String Theory that deals with the pattern of forces from the beginning of the universe to later on. However so far TOE has not been credentialised or certified but efforts are going on and scientific brains are curious enough to find it and we are hopeful they will.

So there are many many other examples from nano-technology to 3D printing and from genetics to big data, there are enormous fields, domains, variations, concepts and themes on which humanity is working tirelessly with full devotion. We can’t predict the exact time when Knowledge Age would start but it is going to start and as I said it is all the matter of self-evolution but believe me it’s almost here.


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